Community Based Learning

Creating Social Identity through Community Collaboration 

The AP Learning Center believes in students growing, developing and bonding outside of the classroom, there are a variety of community based learning experiences provided. Scroll to learn more!


Wellness Walks

A quick 15-minute walk is a perfect way to start the day! Research has shown that walking at a moderate pace boosts brain function.. which is why the A.P. Learning Center starts with a walk each morning.. so long at the weather cooperates 


The HIVE at Lakeland Community College

Learners participate in a workshop makerspace at LCC, the HIVE! Learners expand their skillsets by participating in workshops designed that promote design thinking and creative problem-solving. For more information on the HIVE, follow the link below:

Plants and Coffees

Fiona's Coffee Bar and Bakery

Fiona's Coffee Bar and Bakery offer our learners the opportunity to gain work experience in the food and customer service industry. Thank you to the staff at Fiona's in providing learners with job experience that will last a lifetime. 

Helping Hands Construction, LLC

Helping Hands Construction was created by a former special education teacher determined to minimize the unemployment rate of adults with disabilities. Thank you, Helping Hands Construction for offering our learners the opportunity to gain hands on experience within the field of house remodeling!

Home Demolition

Reach out today to learn more about joining one of our activities.

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